Reaffirmation of Vows

Reaffirmation of Vows Ceremonies are requested by married couples who wish to reaffirm the commitment they made to each other in marriage.  The ceremonies are very similar to a marriage ceremony but with one very important difference – there is no legal wording as they are not legal ceremonies.  It is an offence for a person to participate in a marriage ceremony when he or she is legally married, even to the same person.

Some couples choose to have a ceremony at a milestone in their marriage, that is, a particular anniversary where they wish to recommit to each other.  Others may have experienced a separation and have reunited and want a special ceremony to honour their newly found commitment.  More and more, where one partner is from another country and the legal wedding takes place outside Australia, there is the wish to celebrate with Australian family and friends and to mark the occasion with a special ceremony.  Some partners choose a surprise ceremony either for their partner or for their guests and this can be a delightful way of showing love and commitment.  Regardless of the reason, the couples all have one thing in common, that is, they wish to reaffirm their bond to each other. 

The elements for a Reaffirmation of Vows Ceremony are essentially the same as a marriage.  A typical ceremony includes the giving away, the welcome to the guests, the couple’s special story, a reading, the asking, the exchanging of vows, the ring ceremony, a ritual or further reading, signing the certificate, presentation of the certificate and the conclusion.  However, there can be all sorts of variations to the ceremony and it can be as formal or informal as the couple desire.

The process and planning is essentially the same as that for a Wedding Ceremony.  However, there is no legal documentation to complete.  You would meet with me as your chosen celebrant and we would work collaboratively to design a ceremony which befits the occasion.