Commitment Ceremonies

If a couple is unable to marry because of legal, religious, cultural or gender reasons then a wonderful alternative is a formal Commitment Ceremony.

Commitment ceremonies are purely symbolic but nonetheless are a serious and public proclamation of the feelings shared by two people, witnessed by an authorised celebrant, family and friends.  Your story may be unique and this is a special time to incorporate it into a ceremony for everyone to share.  As in all ceremonies, you can involve special people to participate with readings or poetry or even music or songs.

The ceremony can follow the format of a wedding but there is no legal or binding wording involved.   The elements for a Commitment Ceremony are essentially the same as a marriage.  A typical ceremony includes the processional, the welcome to the guests, the couple’s special story, a reading, affirmation from family and friends, expression of intent, the exchanging of vows, the ring ceremony, a ritual or further reading, signing the certificate, presentation of the certificate and the conclusion.  However, there can be all sorts of variations to the ceremony and it can be as formal or informal as the couple desire.

There are all manner of rituals which you can incorporate into commitment ceremonies which may include candle lighting, hand fasting, a wine or sand ceremony, rose ceremony, ring warming, gift-giving between the couple, or any number of other special rituals to choose from.

A special Commitment Certificate will be presented in recognition of your commitment ceremony.

I will assist you in designing a ceremony that will reflect your love and commitment to each other and to make the ceremony a memory to cherish.

Robyn Baker is an authorised celebrant working with couples and families to create unique Wedding Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies. Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Sydney Northern Beaches areas.