Wedding Ceremony

This is a day you will want to remember for the rest of your lives, so creating something special for your wedding ceremony needs a lot of thought. As an Authorised Wedding Celebrant, I can help you create something magical and memorable. 

There are so many options of rituals, prose and poetry, songs and format that can be included in the ceremony. You may have fixed ideas or none at all. If you don’t know where to start, I can offer you lots of different ideas to get you started. And of course, there is always Google!

You can involve people who are dear to you in the wedding ceremony. They can perform readings, sing, play an instrument or dedicate special words of their own. There are no boundaries or rules as to how you want your ceremony except to include some specific words from The Marriage Act.

Weddings can be small and intimate or large celebrations to accommodate big families and lots of friends. Locations can be spectacular outdoor settings of beaches, parks, gardens or beautiful indoor settings. It’s important to work out what feels right for you. And of course weather can determine what decision you make in this regard!

I offer an individually designed ceremony for every event. This will be your special day and will have your stamp on it.

Celebrancy fees vary, as each celebrant has a sense of what they are worth and the services they provide. If you choose a celebrant based on fees alone, you may find it’s at the expense of the kind of ceremony you imagined. The ceremony sets the platform for your day and you and your guests will certainly remember if the ceremony has impressed. I discuss my fees during our first personal meeting to ensure that you understand that your money will be well spent.